Aussie Shots – Paw Print Shot Glass Tray. Celebrating the many personalities of the Aussie, this beautiful paw print is hand made from the finest ash wood and includes 4 Aussie themed shot glasses with a space for condiments or snacks. Each shot glass represents a different Aussie trait. Shots include the Sploot, the Velcro, the Wigglebutt and the Ausshole. Scan the QR code on the shot glass, with your phone, for a link to the recipe for each individual shot or make up your own.

These make an excellent gift for the bar enthusiast and Aussie lover. Pair it with your favorite shot combination liquors or better yet package with nips to create all the shots.

The product includes the food grade ash paw print with 4 ceramic shot glasses decorated with the Aussie trait name and the QR code to view the recipes. Hand made in the USA in Massachusetts.

The shot recipes include:

The Sploot: Fireball Whiskey and Hard Cider

The Velcro: Kahlua and Peanut Butter Whiskey

The Wigglebutt: Frangelica , Butter Scotch Schnapps and Chocolate Liqueur

The Ausshole: Bailey’s Irish Cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey

The actual recipes are available here:


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