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Does It Make Your Butt Wiggle?

no label lookWe are constantly trying out new products to make life easier for us and our pets so we thought we would start sharing our findings with our followers.

With the dawn of social media, we are now inundated with ads for products on our news feeds. Our question is do these products really work or are they just hollow sponsored ads?

I don’t know about you but I feel that every time I ask Alexa a question, I end up seeing a Facebook ad for a product that is very similar to my question. Yesterday, I asked her if the Boston Red Sox were playing today and when I logged onto Facebook later, there was an ad for baseball tickets from a local ticket hub.

Granted some advertisements are for things that are connected with undisputable products such as the before mentioned tickets. It is easy enough to determine if it is a legitimate ticket agency or online store. What we are interested in are those products that are supposed to make your life easier or solve a problem. We want to answer the questions is this really the best all-natural dish liquid, does that pet nail trimmer really work or does that spray reallyeliminate dog odor?

Our goal is to test a variety of products and to let you know if it worked for us. We are not being paid to promote any of the products we try, and we welcome our followers’ opinions as well.

When our dogs find a toy that intrigues them or a treat that they love they show their excitement by wagging their tails however when you have dogs that either do not have tails or have very small tails, they wiggle their butts instead.

With that we introduce our newest blog topic – Does it make your butt wiggle?

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Our January Contest: Best Adventures of 2018

What was your favorite adventure with your dog in 2018? 

bobsclamhut11Did you go on a road trip to a fun dog friendly place? Maybe you visited a bar, café, restaurant or pub. Perhaps you found a new dog park? Whatever your experience was we want you to share your best photo or photos to #wigglebuttnation.

Is there a story to go with your photo? Would you recommend your adventure to another dog owner? We hope our contest will inspire more people to plan adventures with their fur-panions.

Our dogs went to food truck festivals, a bar in Provincetown, a restaurant in Kittery Maine, two fun dog parks in Connecticut, a hike on a new trail in NH,  just to name a few.

willowfloatWe also love hearing about dog friendly places where are companions are welcome with open arms.

OK let’s talk about the prizes. First prize is a stainless steel 11 ounce camp mug printed with you dog’s adventure photo and stuffed with some special treats for your human. Wigglebutts will receive a toy/treat pack with a total prize value of $50. If we receive more than 25 entries, we will offer a runner up prize with a value up to $20. Please read the rules below to enter.

Contest Rules

campmug giveawayWhat was your favorite adventure with your dog or dogs of 2018?

Share a photo and say a little bit about where and why. Not a long post just why it was fun.

Post your image on either the wiggle butt nation facebook group or our Instagram page or both. (your chances of winning don’t change if you only post in one place. We know not everyone has Instagram).

Hashtag your post #wigglebuttnation and #wigglebuttcontest  (you must hashtag to be entered)

On January 18th we will announce 5 finalists and our members can vote for their favorite.

The photo adventure with the most votes will win first prize. If we have more than 25 entries, we will also award a runner up prize.

Only 1 vote per member will be allowed. You are allowed to vote for yourself 1 time.

You are allowed to invite your friends to join our group or like us on Instagram however ALL invitees must own at least one wigglebutt and belong to a dog related facebook group or have an Instagram account for their dog.

Members that SPAM either site will be removed and immediately disqualified.

The winner or winners will be announced on January 28th, 2019.

Prizes will be awarded within 2 weeks of the contest end. Prizes are not redeemable for cash.

Entrants agree to share their photos on the Wiggle Butt Design Website as well as the wigglebuttdesign facebook page, the wigglebuttnation facebook group and the wigglebuttnation Instagram site.

You can enter the contest by posting here https://www.facebook.com/groups/wigglebuttnation/ or on instagram by adding this hashtag to your post #wigglebuttcontest and #wigglebuttnation.

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Do You Make Your Dog Wear Clothes?

12705781 10208349036025538 8686766171538205091 nMy dog has the cutest winter coat. She absolutely hates it. I bought it for her, not so much to dress her up, but because she gets these huge snowballs stuck to her fur whenever she plays in the snow. It takes her hours to get them either licked, pulled or melted off. Not only that but they weigh her down. She is only 16 inches tall and quite often here in New England the average snowfall is 28685730 10215351755048892 9085385705230915233 na couple of feet.

Willow hates her coat so much that she finds a way to lose it every time we send her out with it on. During the last major snow storm, she left it so far away that I was sure I would have to wait until the spring thaw to retrieve it. By the way, here in Massachusetts we are still waiting for that spring thaw.

jacketsnowClothes for dogs can be practical such as keeping them dry or warm. As one of my dogs got older she really loved wearing a hoodie after she had been swimming. She loved to swim and would find any opportunity to do so. We noticed, however, that as she got older, her fur took longer to dry and she would get the shivers. She actually looked forward to us putting her sweatshirt on her.

Many people dress their dogs up to make a statement or because they think they look cute or to grab that great “Instagram” shot. If you decide that you are going to dress your dog keep a few things in mind.

  1. Clothing should not be restrictive or affect their ability to relieve themselves.bleu hoodie2
  2. Take caution that there are not items that could endanger your pet such as buttons or decorations that could become a choking hazard.
  3. Never leave clothes, scarves or even collars on an unattended dog. Many dogs have strangled themselves in their crates because a well meaning owner forgot to remove their collar.
  4. Always consider your dogs comfort and health when deciding to wear clothes on them. Dogs that stay wet under a hoodie or t-shirt may develop bacterial infections on their skin because they did not dry properly. Wearing dark or heavy shirts on a hot sunny day may cause heat stroke or dehydration.
  5. Always wear the proper size on your dog. Take measurements and remember dogs do grow sometimes larger and sometimes smaller.

dogtee12Always keep in mind the comfort and well-being of your dog. Use your best judgment. If your dog is upset or uncomfortable in clothing? Better to leave them naked. ?

If your dog does enjoy dressing up  Wiggle Butt Design offers a line of customizable clothing for your buddy. From hoodies to t-shirts our dog clothes are soft, comfortable and adorable. You can personalize any item with your dogs name, a fun saying or artwork. You can see our products here.

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Opposites Attract: Donkey and emu can't stand to be separated

Story reprinted from WCVB Channel 5 Boston

gettyimages 117380716 1541685820A North Carolina animal shelter says the close bond between a donkey and an emu that can barely stand to be separated may complicate an adoption.
The Charlotte Observer reports the male donkey and female emu were rescued from Kershaw, South Carolina when their owner suddenly vanished last week. Jennifer Gordon of nonprofit Carolina Waterfowl Rescue near Charlotte says the owner also left behind other animals.

She says the shelter, which has not yet named the animals, tried separating them. But the donkey cried and the emu became frantic. The unlikely pair have been "comforting each other" for possibly as far back as years at a farm in Kershaw, S.C., Jennifer Gordon of the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue told the Charlotte Observer
donkey emu 7fff27c5d22cb2adea1a5f891a53a329fd48da2e s1600 c85“They like to cuddle and even sleep together,” Gordon said. “We can’t separate them, so we need someone who is willing to adopt both a donkey and an emu. That may not be easy.”
The shelter has three other donkeys, but the donkey does not like them.
“He’d rather be with the emu,” she says. “When we put him in with the other donkeys, he attacked them.”
A campaign has been launched on Facebook to name the pair and try to raise money for their food and medical bills.

For more information on the campaign to support these animals you can go here.

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October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

This article is reprinted from The Dogington Post

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was established in 2007 as a nationwide effort to bring positive awareness and attention to the Pit Bulls and their responsible owners.


Pit Bulls were once a proud American icon. They are war heroes, movie stars, police dogs, therapy and service dogs. They are amazingly loyal companions. But, over time, the actions of a few that have taken the qualities – like loyalty, strength, and an eagerness to please their family – that make these dogs such amazing companions and used them in a negative way has caused the entire breed to be criticized.

According to nationalpitbullawarenessday.org, Bless the Bully’s, a non-profit rescue and education effort in Tennessee, introduced the National Pit Bull Awareness Day idea and it took off like wildfire. Now, the entire month of October is known as National Pit Bull Awareness Month, while pit bull devotees will recognize October 28th across the country as National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

It’s no secret that pit bulls, and pit-mixes, are at the very core of breed specific legislation, discrimination, and negative bias among the nation’s media and government. Despite continued efforts by supporters, much of the general public is overwhelmingly misinformed about the breed.pb2

Just look at the number of myths widely believed about the breed – that they’re inherently dangerous, that they have “locking jaws,” that they don’t feel pain… these are myths that contribute to the negative bias against these incredible dogs:


GettyImages 150080965 1024x732

National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD) is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their responsible owners. NPBAD was established to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which we and our dogs live, and it is an initiative dedicated to restoring the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Anyone that has had the pleasure of sharing their home and their lives with this loyal, dependable, and loving breed has without a doubt experienced the prejudice from the misinformed public. A pit bull owner walking their dog down the sidewalk sees pedestrians cross to the other side of the road to avoid them. Pit bull owners are limited in the communities in which they can reside with their four-legged family members. They are restricted from airlines, dog-friendly restaurants, and even entire counties.

So, what can you, as a Pit Bull supporter, do to raise awareness? The founder of National Pit Bull Awareness Day offers the following advice:

While we can’t all be on television educating about our dogs, we all can make a difference in our own way. We all can and should play a part in correcting false information and changing the perception of these incredible dogs. We are their voice, and they are depending on us to educate the public (not only about the breed in general, but with respect to responsible ownership practices), to dispel the false information out there, and to restore their reputation as a great American icon. Leading by example is a great place to start!

If you’re a pit bull owner, be an ambassador for the breed! At any opportunity, inform and educate. Show the world that gorgeous pit bull smile. Be a responsible owner.

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Let Us Help You With Your Next Fundraiser

parisforte croissantIt is that time of year when there is a fundraiser almost every weekend. While raising lots of cash for your cause is your greatest objective, creating a fun and memorable event should also be a priority.

unitedway118If your event is to be reoccurring or ongoing why not create some unique SWAG that will be exciting for participants to wear or collect? Giveaways are a subtle way to encourage and reward donations. For example, giving away a free hat for a $20 donation often helps to coax the additional few dollars from the hesitant giver.

relaycalmbagSelling hats, t-shirts and other wearables keeps your fundraiser at the forefront of people’s memories. A great design or series of designs creates a drive for participants to collect the items thereby increasing the amount of donations.

I personally have a Whisker Walk t-shirt for every year I attended the animal rescue fundraiser.

relayscans1At Wiggle Butt Design we have a commitment to our local community and charities that we love. If your charity or group needs to sell merchandise to raise money talk to us about our special fundraising prices. In many instances we can create items at cost or slightly above cost for resale by your organization.

We can design t-shirts, koozies, hats, key chains, dog tags, sweat shirts, water bottles, mugs, fishing lures and many other items specific to your cause.

Use your own logo or artwork or consult with our graphic design team to produce a unique and memorable product.

Here is a list of some of the charitable causes that we have supported:

  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life - Stroudsburg PA
  • Ayer Shirley Regional High School Drama Club
  • Lowell House of Hope
  • United Way Youth Venture
  • Sandy Hook Promise
  • American Red Cross
  • MSPCA Nevins Farm
  • Sterling Animal Shelter
  • German Shepherd Rescue MA
  • Whisker Walk
  • Australian Shepherd Rescue
  • Townsend Rod and Gun Club
  • Harvest Hills Animal Shelter
  • Little Heart Warriors
  • Boston LBGTQ Pride - Babes With Beads
  • Positive Legacy

Contact us about creating something special for your event.

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Mother's Day and Music Therapy

ellen 18381If anyone happened to catch Ellen’s Mother’s Day show today it was quite fascinating to see where technology has taken us. While most of the show focused on giveaways for new mothers, Ellen did have her resident beauty expert Kym Davis on hand to demonstrate some new high tech gadgets for” moms-to-be”.

babyipodOne of the items she featured was an ipod/iphone speaker which you, uhm, insert, lets just say, somewhere very near the fetus. The thought is, that it brings the music much closer to your baby so it can really hear the jams without the interference of those pesky organs like your liver, pancreas, appendix, uterine wall or whatnot.

Now I am a music lover as well as a gadget lover. I have an ipod exclusively dedicated to all my 5000+ songs but this just seems a little too, I don’t know…. intrusive. What if your baby doesn’t like your kind of music? You have essentially trapped him or her in the same room with your “god awful racket”.  (My dad used to say that). At least with an abdominal speaker, little fetus can give it a solid inner uterine kick and dislodge the offending device.

If it is your singing or your spouses vocalizations that they find offensive and they need to get away from your infernal caterwauling then they can lodge themselves in between those aforementioned irksome organs that apparently block sound.

I mean has no one heard the term “musical torture”? Even the UN has banned the use of “loud music interrogations”.

It is believed that the repressive military leader General Manuel Noriega, was brought down by a siege of heavy metal music being blasted at him from loudspeakers attached to Humvees outside his embassy.

In February 1993, law enforcement agents and the military laid siege to a Texas compound belonging to the Branch Davidians cult, trying to arrest its leader David Koresh.

During the 51-day stand-off, it is claimed they played pop music - including Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made for Walkin' as well as Tibetan chanting.

Today, Ellen’s show was hilarious with Kym then bringing out a set of hair extensions for infants, in the event that parents are not happy with their baby’s natural coiffure. Infants could cover their bold spots or change their look all together.

Many readers may remember that we wrote an article on this very product back in 2015. For those who do not remember or do not want to search the archives for it. I have attached it below. Enjoy! And if you have heard of some crazy new gadget that we should investigate drop us a note.

Here is our blog from May 2015:

So I am walking out of a store yesterday and I hear an ad on the radio about hair extensions for newborns. For $30 your newborn girl can look like the feminine child she is meant to be instead of the bald bugger that she really is. I mean how many times have you gone to see a friend or family members newborn and said “wow she is butt ugly if only she had a full head of hair then she would be a knock out”.

babybang1Sorry folks but if I just had a 7 pound bundle of joy pass through my “woo hoo” I would not really be focused on her head of hair. After I counted her fingers and her toes and heard her resonating pipes, I think I would revert to thinking about my sore “woo hoo” not her head of hair or lack there of.

Me being me, I had to google this thing and yes it is a real product called Baby Bangs. What's next Baby Spanks for the little porky McPork??

It is amazing, the products that are being marketed to new parents or soon to be parents. Here are a few more little gems I have come across.

designer barf bags 9926Oh morning sickness if only there was a way to make it more bearable. Well, now there is. If you choose to barf in a “designer morning sickness bag” you will definitely feel better sooner and hey you can probably get anyone to dispose of it for you because it is so pretty. Just don’t mix it up with that housewarming gift you are bringing to your sister-in-laws on Saturday.

2-MamaorBirthDoll 2This brings me to the next great parenting product. the very, graphic birth doll. Complete with detachable placenta parts. I mean what child wouldn’t want to have their own placenta parts to play with. Or better yet to hear about the intricacies of a vaginal child birth or experience the advanced doll which depicts the additional excitement of a vaginal birth after a caesarian section. I mean how graphic do we have to be for our children. I am an adult and I don’t want to know the gory details and not to mention I do not want that doll staring me down from the shelf in my bedroom after the birthing is over.

Now if you you don't want to splurge for the real thing. There are several versions of a homemade birthing doll available on Etsy. (People really have too much time on their hands).

baby-butt-fanOk you have made it through the morning sickness and giving birth. Now you have the little rug rat and he has a mean case of diaper rash. How do you clear it up and clear it up fast? Well I am so glad you asked because the best diaper rash cure has to be the “butt fan” What else could dry up a case of red hynie but a specialized bum fan with whirring blades that you point at your little man’s jewels. Oh yeah that sounds so much safer than some zinc oxide and a diaperless romp through the house.

Ok peace out for today. I am off to scour the web for more new and disturbing products. Until next time!

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Camping Season: 9 Tips to Help You Camp Like A Champ

camping expert north cascade range washington lightweight tent 0514Whether you are camping at a campsite or roughing it in the wild there are some essential do’s and don’ts for camping like a champ.

Do some research or as I like to say pre-search. Spend a little time deciding where you want to go and what you want to see or do. Are you going to spend all your time at the site or are you going to explore the area? Once you have decided on your area(s) determine what is near you for amenities. Are you going to need a grocery store, liquor store, laundromat, restaurants, shops, doggie daycare etc. Maybe you are hiking into the wild with your rations on your back either way see step 2.

Lists and more lists. Once you know what you want to do making a list or two is essential. Having things written down with directions, times and phone numbers can prevent a camping catastrophe. We often camp at an ocean side site in Maine that delivers a full lobster dinner to your tent. The only caveat is that you must place your order before 12:00 PM.

Camping Checklist 2Keeping lists of gear and equipment. I like two lists here depending on what type of camping I am doing. I call this my essential gear list and my luxury gear list. If your trucking your stuff in to a site, you want to pack as light as possible. If you can drive up to your site, then you have a little more leeway as to what you can bring. 
Choose the best tent for your trip. Best doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest or most expensive. Choose a tent size that fits your needs. Be careful not to go overboard;  larger tents typically require more effort to put up and break down.

Smaller tents provide more flexibility for placement on a specific campsite than larger ones.  Options for where to place the tent are good to have.

Consider the wind direction.  Placing your tent downwind from your campfire could make for a smoky night’s sleep.

Double doors on a tent can be a real plus.  If you’re using the fly, the vestibules can be used for gear storage.  Less gear in the tent, more room for movement.  Plus, the added storage that vestibules provide could allow you to choose a smaller tent to get the job done.

Your favorite shelter may be a hammock.  Hammocks offer a unique option for solo campers and are versatile enough for a wide range of temperatures and conditions.  Hammocks can also be effective in minimizing your footprint or where space is limited.

TheCampfireExperience 20151108TheCampfireExperience 0227Your campfire. For me the best part of camping is the campfire (and the smores). You may need your fire for cooking or warmth or you may just like the ambiance. Whatever your desire building the perfect campfire isn’t always easy.

I cheat and always bring matches, a lighter and paper. Usually you can scrounge up kindling but depending on the weather it might be damp. So if you have the space you may want to pack a few pieces of small dry pine sticks. Pine lights easy and burns quick.

Know your woods and their burn rate. Lighter dry wood will burn faster and not as hot. Oak, apple, ash and other hardwoods will burn slow and hot. Cedar and pine are good for kindling.

Food: Plan a killer camping menu

Utilize shelf stable options when you can to save on valuable cooler space.  You can use canned items and still win “top chef” at the campground.

Modify recipes, when possible, to allow for one pot preparation.  No one likes clean up duty.

Be mindful of prep times for each meal.  It’s wise to have meals that have a few quick steps for nights where fun trumped cooking and you find yourself back at camp later than expected.

Look for recipes that have actually been made in a camp setting.  Campfire recipes have already been adapted to the rustic conditions that camp chefs have to work with.

Water is essential. Clean drinking water is essential for hydration, but water is probably the heaviest item to trek into your site. My favorite campsite in Maine has running water at each site even the tent sites. We bring a small filtration system to purify it for drinking (just in case).

Water bottles.  Available in a variety of forms including squeeze bottles, travel mugs, and insulated stainless steel models.

Hydration bladders.  This is the most versatile option for campers that plan to be on the trail during the day and in camp at night.  Pressurized bladders also serve other purposes too.

Water bags. There are a ton of options for water bags, but the base design is the same for most.  They can fit into a pack, be left on a picnic table, or hung from a tree branch.  Water bags are not that expensive and are designed to withstand the elements.

lifesaver2custom 1200x600Filtration, Treatment & Purification needs its own section. You may not need to filter your water but if you do here are a few tips.

Handheld pump filters.  The longtime standard for camping and backpacking users, handheld pump filters are generally easy to use but do contain moving parts that can wear or break.

Gravity flow filters.  Our filter of choice, gravity flow filters are dead simple to use and have no moving parts.  These filters tend to be more expensive and can be tricky to use with small water sources.

Squeeze filters.  The new kid on the block, squeeze filters are very mobile and contain no moving parts.  These are best for individual use and not for groups.

Ultraviolet sterilizers.  SteriPen made this method of sterilization famous.  They’re easy to use but are battery powered.  UV-C light rays are used to destroy 99.99% of protozoa, bacteria, and viruses.

Drops.  Water treatment drops are literally a lifesaver in developing countries.  They’re also useful for group camping because they are lightweight, easy to use, and can be used to treat large volumes of water.

Essential Gear for any campsite: Use these 7 essential tools

A folding military inspired shovel is great for moving coals, adjusting logs in the pit, and covering the smoldering fire with dirt when you leave

collapsablebucketbA collapsible bucket is a wonderful addition to your toolkit. They come in canvas, nylon and silicone. A bucket is essential for transporting water, using as a wash basin and pouring water on hot coals

A poker – a handy branch makes a good poker and who can resist making necessary “adjustments” to the fire all evening long.

Rocks make a great decorative surround for the standard issue rolled steel firepit ring.  It can also be built as a buffer to keep inquisitive little ones away from the fire.  The bonus – kids love to help gather the rocks!

A steel grate with 4-5 inch legs is a perfect tool.  Place it inside the firepit ring directly over the coals.  It can support a dutch oven or coffee pot and can even be used to sear steaks, burgers, hot dogs, toast and more.

Fire resistant gloves (I use a pair of Ove Gloves – an infomercial special!) come in handy when moving grates or cast iron.

Another handy item to have is a drawstring sack. You can use these to store food items up high away from wildlife.

Non Essentials:

Personally, I like to bring my own camping mug for coffee, soup, water and beer. I hate beer in a can. Quite often if it is a group camping trip or we are celebrating a birthday or anniversary I will have camping mugs made up for the occasion. It just adds a little extra fun to the trip. I have also made camp pillows, koozies, beach towels and  picnic blankets.

Travel pillows are great because they are small enough to stuff in a corner or to use for padding but a comfortable addition to your sleeping bag.

You will know who left their towel on the tent floor if everyone has a signature beach/bath towel.

To see some of our personalized camping items go here: http://www.wigglebuttdesign.com/index.php/shop-now/just-for-fun/camp-gear

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Fleece or Flannel? My Pajama Dilemma.

Perhaps I missed the fashion memo but I prefer to think I have been in denial. At first, I thought it was a fad but fads fade. When in hell, did it become fashionable to wear pajamas in public?

postofficeIf you don’t know what I am talking about you have not been to Walmart lately. Well that is not really fair to Walmart. Yesterday, I saw just as many people in their pj’s at my local grocery store as I do on any given day at the retail super giant.

In fact, I was at the post office at 3:00 in the afternoon when a woman burst in behind me in a lovely flannel ensemble.

Now, I have admitted to you freely, that I am a tad on the lazy side when it comes to certain things like walking my dog and drive through window pick ups, but I do get dressed in the morning.

Even when I take my trash out, I wouldn’t get caught dead in a baggy pair of sweats. I mean it is not like I dress to the nines to haul my hefty’s to the curb but I feel at least a decent pair of jeans is required.

Ok, if I am having an exceptionally bad hair day, I might have a baseball cap on my head, but I am dressed.

I remember years ago, when I was a kid, my mother got railroaded into being a narrator for a play. In her role, the character appeared in her night gown and cap. My mother was humiliated that the audience would see her in her sleepwear. Now she would be considered over dressed for the part.

I personally would like to know how the trend got started. Some people blame students and say it first manifested in college cafeterias. Others blame the retail giant itself for creating a line of fleece and flannel that were just too good to be hidden under the bed covers.

walmart footiesI guess the real question is if you are wearing your pajamas in public, what in the heck are you wearing to bed? Maybe you have two sets; your good going out on the town lounge wear and your ratty just for sleeping nighty? Or perhaps you just wear the same outfit for the entire day? Less laundry right?

I have to say the real kicker for me was when I saw a husband and wife team, dressed in their matching one piece footies, in the store today. No shoes just the pajama footies. I can only imagine the undesirable organisms that attached themselves to the bottom of their soles as they traversed through the parking lot.

Nope, I guess I was just not born to be a fashion queen.

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NECANN Conference - Attending Boston

cannabiz media necann boston cannabis conferenceThis weekend was the Boston NECANN convention. For those of you not familiar this is the cannabis industry’s largest convention bringing together paraphernalia vendors, health care providers and many other auxiliary industries.

Whether you are pro recreational reefer, a medical marijuana patient or part of the anti-cannabis crusade, legalization of pot is a reality.

boblobel1500Currently, 9 states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana and 15 more states are predicted to legalize it in the next year or two. Twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana.

In a quote from Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN's multiple Emmy Award-winning chief medical correspondent:
“There is now promising research into the use of marijuana that could impact tens of thousands of children and adults, including treatment for cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer's, to name a few. With regard to pain alone, marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country... Marijuana is a medicine, that should be studied and treated like any other medicine."

Eighty-five years ago, the Twenty-first Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and the 18th amendment, alcohol Prohibition was officially repealed. Prohibition was a tremendous failure. It led to huge increases in organized crime, corruption, and violence. For many of the reasons that led to its repeal, the same arguments can be made for why we need to legalize cannabis.

The night they ended ProhibitionAlthough, during Prohibition, people were legally able to consume alcohol, production, sales and transport of the product were criminal offenses.
As the Great Depression deepened in the 1930s, income tax revenues plummeted and there was a question about why we were foregoing all that tax revenue and jobs from alcohol sales and production. Sound familiar?

Money brought in by Colorado’s booming, legal marijuana industry is now being used to help homeless citizens, address mental health and end the state’s opioid epidemic, programs that previously had little or no funding.

NECANN Cover22If all states legalized and taxed marijuana, it is projected that states could collectively expect to raise between $5 billion and $20 billion per year.

A few factoids from the Tax Foundation, the nation’s leading independent tax policy research organization.

• Marijuana tax collections in Colorado and Washington have exceeded initial estimates.

• A mature marijuana industry could generate up to $28 billion in tax revenues for federal, state, and local governments, including $7 billion in federal revenue: $5.5 billion from business taxes and $1.5 billion from income and payroll taxes.

• A federal tax of $23 per pound of product, similar to the federal tax on tobacco, could generate $500 million per year. Alternatively, a 10 percent sales surtax could generate $5.3 billion per year, with higher tax rates collecting proportionately more.

No matter where your convictions lay cannabis is here to stay. ????
Hey, I could make a t-shirt from that.
Check out or line of canna_ware here. Or contact us to design your own.

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Hmm Is What They Meant By Family Diner? - Another Lesson In Customer Service

Everyone loves a diner. A small local place with good food, cheap prices, fast service and that comfortable, homey feeling you get when you walk in the door. 

Despite the warnings described by a recent AARP article I still enjoy eating out. Well, I did until yesterday.

My favorite diner is an inviting, little place located at a small municipal airport. You can sit and have your breakfast or lunch while watching the airplanes come and go.

The place is quaint. Despite the fact that the furniture is mismatched and the dishes are bit old, it is clean and bright.

fitchburgdinerThe kitchen is located directly behind a lunch counter where a few solitary customers can sit and chat with the staff while their food is being prepared.

Today, our waitress takes our order and scurries off to get us our drinks. My mismatched chair doesn’t quite slide easily under the table so I reach down and grab the seat to pull myself in a little closer. That’s when I feel it – a big old wad of gum stuck to the bottom and I just touched it.

Dear God where is my Purell when I need it? I convince myself everything is fine. It is old. The germs are long gone.

gum-maintenence-300x213I put some water on my napkin and wipe my hand.

I vow to eat my sandwich using only one hand – the clean one.

I am managing fairly well with the one handed eating and focusing on my lunch companion when the cook calls the waitress over by saying she needs some “mature” advice.

Now, our waitress, I will call her Shirley, is an older woman. The pot washer, jokes that the cook, is making fun of Shirley’s age by saying she needs “mature” advice. The cook, who is probably around the age of 30, assures them that she is not – she needs real advice.

“All right, what is it that I can help you with then” laughs Shirley? 

Now, I know, I should tune out. Some warning flag in my body says you really do not want to hear this. 

Our table is only a few feet from the kitchen area. I cannot help but hear.

The cook says to Shirley, I have a problem with my mother in-law. She lives with us you know?

Shirley replies that she did not know this but what is the problem?

She smells replies the cook. She refuses to bathe.

“How old is she”, asks Shirley?

“I dunno like 80”, replies the cook.

“And she never showers”.

“No, she doesn’t believe in it. How do I tell her she stinks”?

“That’s hard”, says Shirley “have your husband do it”.

“Oh God if he does it we will be in a major fight”.

“Well, how bad is it”?

“It’s bad”.

“How bad”?

Tune out, tune out, tune out I tell myself. Focus on your sandwich. Drink your water.

cat looking at can of tuna“Well replies the cook she smells like a cross between cat piss and old tuna fish”.

My lunch companion leans over and asks me what did she say?

Please don’t make me repeat it. I just want to finish my lunch and leave.

“That’s pretty bad”, says Shirley. “Yea you have to say something. Just say it nicely”.

“Well what do I say? Hey Mom you smell like cat piss and tuna fish”?

What did she say asks my lunch companion?

I will tell you in the car. Let’s just finish and get out of here.

The conversation continued throughout the rest of our lunch.

Never once did anyone even stop to think how inappropriate, not to mention, distasteful the topic was.

I shot Shirley the evil eye at one point but all she did was refill my water.

The cook herself brought us the check.

How was everything, she asks?

I hold her gaze and don’t reply for a few beats.

Then I say, you might want to take the Tuna Melt off the menu.

Oh really? Why, was it not good?

Just unappetizing I reply.

As we leave I hear her say to Shirley. Didn’t they both have burgers?

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Technology Tidbit - Free Windows 10 Upgrade Still Available

mswindows2 2040.0.0Although I am straying a little bit away from our usual blog topics I thought I would share this tidbit of information with our followers.

PC owners that are running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 could upgrade for free up until the end of July 2017 if they had an active Windows license. Even though the offer was supposed to end Microsoft extended the offer until January 16, 2018 for people using assistive technologies. To obtain the free upgrade users only had to check a box during the upgrade.

This free upgrade works just like Windows 10’s previous upgrade offer. In fact, it seems to be the exact same upgrade tool. Upgrading gives your PC a “digital license” (formerly a “digital entitlement”) that allows you to install and use Windows 10 on that PC, even after the free upgrade offer ends for new upgraders.

So why should we care now that the offer has ended? Well, here is the fascinating part. The offer hasn’t really ended.

553890 how to play dvds in windows 10As of today, 2/7/18 the upgrade tool still works and you can choose to upgrade directly or to create an iso file for later use. Also, there is no need to claim that you use assistive technologies. The folks at Microsoft have not shut down the server that houses the upgrade tool.

The entire process is completely legitimate because you have an active license for a previous Windows version.

I upgraded two older PC’s today one from Windows 7 and one from Windows 8. Both PCs transitioned seamlessly. The process is quite long and at times it seems as though your pc is stuck or just not doing anything but be patient.

The first PC I upgraded has an AMD Athlon X2 64 Processor and only 2G of RAM. Although I plan on adding additional RAM to this computer it was running faster than it was before the new OS. On this PC I chose the option to wipe the machine clean and not keep any data. You do get a choice.

The second PC was an Intel i5 core with 8G of RAM. I chose to keep the data on this one. Again, the time it takes to update was long and slow but worth it in the end.

I have no idea if Microsoft will ever shut down the upgrade server but if you have an older version of Windows and want to have Windows 10 then follow the link below to access the tool. If you think that at some point you may want to upgrade then use the tool to create an iso file to use later.

To access the tool go to this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

It is not often that you get a freebie from a software company never mind corporate giant Microsoft so take advantage while you can.

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Do Not Touch That

OK, has anyone else read that AARP article about all the germs that surround us?  

I have been a Purell pusher for a long time, using it after I using a grocery basket or carriage or after I pump gas. I admit I have a bottle in each car and sometime a jacket pocket. The last time I went to a hotel I wiped down the remote, the telephone and the light switches.

I wouldn’t say I am a fanatic but perhaps I tend to be a bit overly cautious. 

Now, though, after reading that article I do not think I will even leave the house without being encased in a hazmat suit.

For those of you too young to be a card toting members of AARP, the article highlights the top eight ways you come into contact with germs in public places.

sheraton-iguazu-resortBig mistake on my part, I read it before I went out to lunch at my local diner.

The number one place where you encounter germs is at a restaurant. Nope, not from the food, but from the menu. If you really think about it it makes sense. Does anyone ever wipe down those menus unless there is a “splooge” of ketchup, mustard or some other hardened on former condiment?

I walked into my favorite little eatery and the waitress handed me the menu which was essentially a large laminated card. A card that had probably been handled at least 50 times already that morning. According to the AARP article, a study in the Journal of Medical Virology reported that cold and flu viruses can survive for 18 hours on hard surfaces. They recommend washing your hands after you place your order.

likelike condimentsIn my case I am thinking: Pocket Purell menu wipes. Hey, it could catch on.

Some of the other findings that were equally disturbing were e-coli in your lemon wedges, germs on the condiment bottles and containers as well as fecal matter on door handles.

I personally never touch door handles or railings unless I have to, but if I do, I immediately hit the bathroom and lather up. Well, apparently according to good old AARP that is not safe either.

public-restroom-800x800It seems that at least 25 percent of public restroom soap dispensers are contaminated with fecal bacteria. Soap dispensers are rarely cleaned so bacteria begins to grow as the soap turns to scum and hardens. People with dirty hands then touch the dispenser to get to the soap which in turn then feeds the bacteria. A self-perpetuating cycle of nastiness.

My hazmat suit idea is not looking so crazy to you right now, is it?

trolley-b-fontFinally, if I haven’t grossed you out yet today let me introduce a thought that struck me the other day. Reflect on this the next time you are in a grocery store: Like me, you probably place your smaller items such as fruits and vegetables in that first little fold out basket in your shopping cart. Hmmm, let’s think a minute, what is that separate little basket designed for? I will give you a hint; it is small and has two legs. It also has a bum usually covered with a diaper. 

And you my friend are putting your tomatoes, bananas, apples, lemons and other edibles right there where a baby’s bottom once rested.

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Bug Up My Ass - In Search of a New Wine?

Some days I just get a bug up my ass.

It usually starts with a bad hair day. You know one of those days where you are due for a haircut but just don’t have the patience to sit in a chair and make nonsensical small talk with a twenty something year old. No Offense Intended "Twenty something year old" reader!

I go to the cheapo places. You know under 15 bucks for “just a cut”. I know, I know, this is totally the reason that I have so many bad hair days but right now I am being frugal.

On my bad hair days, I pick out my favorite baseball cap, tuck my salt and pepper mess up under the brim and head out.

Today, my primary errand involves the liquor store. I am out of wine.

Today is cold and I am not really happy about leaving the warmth of my comfy recliner. I am cranky and the bug up my ass is itchy.

wine isleI saunter into my mega liquor mart and the first thing I notice is that they have changed it around. Now instead of the cheap wine isle, better wine isle and best wine isle, everything has been sectioned off into Australian cabs, Australian merlots, California chardonnays, Italian merlots, Italian pinots,  etc, etc I don’t have time for this.

So as I am trying to comprehend this new system of wine arrangements, the young sales clerk asks if I need any help “sir”? 

No shit, did he just call me sir? I mean really. I know I have a baseball cap on but I am not exactly what one would call flat chested. As a matter of fact, I am quite the opposite. Nor, am I dressed in especially “manly” clothes. 

So how exactly do you respond to being called sir? I warned you the bug up my ass was itchy. Oh and here she comes.

Well, young fella, I say, ignoring his red faced, dawning realization that in fact I am not a man, I am looking for a bottle of wine.

“Well, you have come to the right place”, quipped the little smart ass. What type o wine you lookin for?

You have exceptionable English I am thinking, but instead, I say, using my most maniacal voice, “I like the kind that comes in bottles with pretty pictures on them”.

Huh, well, sure, uhm, you into reds or whites?

“Hmmm, which one has the best pictures”?

Well, ma’am we really don’t categorize them like that.

fat wineOh so now I am ma’am, not sure, but I might have like sir better. OK, time to really have some fun with this little shit.

Well, I ask lowering my voice considerably; I am actually looking for something that could lead into a little Four Play if you know what I mean? Wink wink.

Uhm ….. well, I guess any wine could do that….  the clerk coughs nervously.

Yeah, well I am kind of into Fat Bastards if you know what I am saying? I mean look at me, I am into Big Fellas.

Wow ….. yea sure …… whatever ... big is good. Ok, over here we have some nice Australian wines that …….

I am not into Monogamy that is just not me. Too Californian, I like excitement. I am rambling now. (the clerk looks a little green)

Uhm …. Sure, as I was sayin these wines………

Hey, by the way, how old are you? You look a little young to be working at a liquor store?

I am 23 ma’am.

bottle merlot“Twenty three”, I whisper in my best sexy voice, …..” have… you… ever… heard… of a  Menage A Trois”?

Oh god ,….. uhm …. oh man, lady I think I need to get my manager.

“Well, that makes three”, I chuckle, winking at him.

As he scurries off, practically hyperventilating, I grab a carriage and slowly make my way through the California wine section.

Hello, how can I help you today, asks the manager?

Oh, thank you I say. (the bug has been placated). I am looking for a 2012 California Merlot by the name of Menage a Trois, can you point me in the right direction? 

Absolutely, right over here, is there anything else I can help you find?

Yes, I need a few items from the Naked Winery and the Australian Olsen Big Fella Vineyards?

Excellent choices, you will find them in isles seven and nine. I am sorry Mike wasn’t able to help you.

pentrationNot a problem, I say, he just seems to get easily flustered.

I apologize, says the manager, we are trying to get him up to speed.

“Well, I am just glad I didn’t ask for Penetration”, I say, “I think he would have had a stroke”.

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Tech Troubleshooting with an 80+ Year Old

Part One

Scenario: in a car heading to breakfast. I am in the front seat. Mom is in the back.
Mom: Do you have Comcast or Xfinity?
Me: They are the same now
Mom: What I can’t hear you – you always mumble
Me: {louder} they are both the same now
Mom: Oh. I have Xfinity. I used to have Comcast
Me: I know, but they are the same now.
Mom: When I first signed up it was Comcast
Me: Yes, I know
Mom: My bill says Xfinity now
Me: Yes
Mom: I hate them, they are expensive. How much is your bill?
Me: I honestly don’t remember offhand but mine is different from yours because you have a DVR and 2 high definition TV boxes.  We also got a new contract with them by adding a land line.
Mom: I’m gonna call them. What is their number?
Me: It is 1 800-comcast
Mom: But they are Xfinity now
Me: Oh look we are at the restaurant

Part Two: 2 Days later by Phone

Mom: Hello is that you?
Me: Yes it is me you called my cell phone
Mom: Well I wasn’t sure if it was you who answered.
Me: It’s me
Mom: I have a problem
Me: {thinking the worst} What’s wrong?
Mom: My DVR doesn’t work anymore?
Me: When did you last use it?
Mom: I don’t remember but I am following the directions that YOU typed out and they don’t work anymore
Me: Do you have you TV on
Mom: Yes. It is playing a basketball game
Me: What happens when you push the My DVR button
Mom: On which remote?
Me: {rolling my eyes} on the cable box remote 
Mom: Which one is that?
Me: The one that says Xfinity
Mom: Oh the Comcast one?
Me: Yes, what happens when you push the button?
Mom: Nothing it is a basketball game
Me: Did you push the cable button first?
Mom: No where is that?
Me: At the top of the remote push it until it turns red
Mom: On what remote
Me: {with agitation in my voice} On the Comcast remote
Mom: I have Xfinity
Me: Ok, ok just push the cable button then the my DVR button and tell me what happens
Mom: It flashed red
Me: Did you get the DVR menu
Mom: No
Me: What is on the screen?
Mom: A basketball game
Me: OK let’s try something else. Can you press the guide button?
Mom: Where is that?
Me: On the same remote ½ way down on the left. It’s red
Mom: I never use that button
Me: Just press it and tell me what happens
Mom: Nothing. Oh wait it changed to a commercial, now a guy is ironing his shirt I am not sure what he is selling though. Some of these commercials are so stupid.
Me: {interrupting} OK, Ok, you didn’t mix up remotes right?
Mom: No I wrote Living Room on this one so I would know. Whaatt? What’s that noise?
Me: It is you. You hit speaker phone on your cell phone again?
Mom: I hate this phone.
Me: Ok let’s try something. Go in the other room and see if My DVR works in there?
Mom: I don’t have DVR in there
Me: I know but just humor me {thinking maybe the service got changed somehow, stranger things have happened}
Mom: Ok 
Me: What are you doing? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Are you there?::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::hello::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::where they hell did she go, she is on a cell phone::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

So I hang up and call her back

Mom: Hello?
Me: Hi, it’s me. Where did you go?
Mom: You told me to go in the other room
Me: You are on a cell phone just take it with you
Mom: OK but it doesn’t work. Let me read you what the screen says. DVR services are not enabled on this device. Please call 1 800………
Me: Ok,ok . Just go back to the other TV and take me with you this time.
Mom: Ok I am back
Me: Can you change the TV channels with that remote?
Mom: Which remote?
Me: aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh the COMCAST remote
Mom: I have Xfinity
ME: Oh dear god please give me strength. {gritting my teeth} On…..the…..Xfinity……remote…….can…….you…….change……the……tv……..channels?
Mom: No
Me: Then it has to be the batteries. Go change the batteries and I bet you will be fine.
Mom: Your father said that an hour ago

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Can I Get Some Coffee With That? A Lesson In Customer Service

One of my favorite beverages no matter what time of year is ice coffee and not just any ice coffee it has to be from Dunkin Donuts. 

Now I ask you how hard is it to make an ice coffee? You really do not need an advanced degree – no rocket science technology involved here. It’s just ice, coffee and cream.

That is where the fallout happens – the addition of the accessory “cream”.

I would blame it on the fact that it was a weekend. Perhaps not the regular staff? Perhaps the interns were left on their own? But alas that is not the case. You see I have been trying for months – pre-summer warm up to figure out how to get the coffee baristas to serve it my way for the months ahead...

I am really not that difficult of a person. I don’t think that I am asking for too much just to want to taste the coffee and not be served a 16 oz cup of cream with a hint of coffee flavor.

Now in case you think I am being a beast and just whining for the hell of it here are a few examples of my interactions with the omnipotent servers of the infamous chain that has double “D”’s in its name.

dunkindonutsMy first attempt was at a drive-thru window when I asked for a medium ice coffee cream only. The entity in the box asks: is that going to be it. 

Yes I replied and can you go light on the cream.

Silence then static from the box then uhm, we don’t serve light cream. 

Me: no, I know you don’t have light cream but can you just go light on the cream in the coffee? 
Silence then static from the box then uhm I’ll check. 
Me: You will check what? 
The box:….. if we can make a light cream. 
Me: I don’t want you to MAKE anything I just want you to put a little less cream in the coffee than you normally would. 
The boxstatic… silence… then… it is pre-measure ma’am.

Me: Ok but can't you put a little less in

Box: static....I am sorry I didn't understand

Me: Can you just go a little lighter on the cream

Box: Ma'am we don't sell light cream

Me: Clearly we have established that....

Box: what I didn't get that?

Me: Can....You....Put....Less....Cream....In....The.....Cup?

Box: It is pre-measured ma'am
Me: You know what just… give… me… the… coffee. 
The box: static ….. what would you like in it ma’am? 
Me: aaaaarrrgggg…. just cream. 
The box: That we can do. Drive up to the window please.

pumpMy second attempt.

I am lazy. I admit it. If I can do a drive through window I prefer it. I mean all that effort to walk to the door and up to the counter. Then pick up my own straw and napkin. Then walk back to my car. It is tiring. But the gauntlet had been thrown. The entity in the box seemed to have an extremely difficult time getting my order right. I felt that if I could look someone directly in the eye there was hope.

Also, I try a different “double D”. 

The eager young woman took my order for a medium ice coffee with cream. She takes my money. She grabs the cup from the dispenser and checks off cream on the side.
I’m sorry, I say but is that a medium? 

Quite assure of herself, she answers "yes this is the medium size". 

Ok, I say I guess something changed because that looks like a small used to? 

The manager who just happens to be walking by says is there a problem. I say no I just didn’t realize that the sizes had changed (since yesterday). 

Confused she says that’s the small. 

I say but I ordered a medium. 

Ooops, says the girl that took my order and quickly grabs a medium size cup. 

Now, being the opportunist that I am and since I had the manager’s attention too, I said and could you please go light on the cream? 

Manager: we do not have light cream. 
Me: I know that, I just want a little less cream than you would normally put in. 
Manager: It’s pre-measured.
Me: Sigh. Never mind.

As I am leaving I hear the girl say “wow , this is hard”. 
Manager: Yeah, you’re going to have difficult customers like that. You just have to get used to it.

On my third attempt. I decided to take the friendly conspirators approach. I saunter up to the counter order my ice coffee with cream and say “ is there anyway that I could get a little less cream than you would normally put in. I mean I know it is pre-measured and all but is there any way I could get say ½ of what you normally do? I’d REALLY appreciate it. Please. Thank you. 

The very nice and attentive young woman says no problem we usually put in 3 pumps so how about just 1 1/2 pumps? I reply that that would be wonderful and thank her profusely. I watch her write on the cup cream 1 ½.

The cup was then passed to the coffee executor for the finalized product while I moved to the pick-up counter. 

As I am waiting I watch the cream being added 1…2….3… pumps and then an attempt at a ½ pump. 

internationaldliteIt seems that somehow 1 ½ was translated into 1 cream at the normal 3 pumps and then half of 3 would be an additional 1 and 1/2 pumps. I guess I should give credit where credit is due, she was able to divide 3 by 2 in her head. But alas, now my coffee has 4 and 1/2 shots of cream.  I have lost all hope.

Nowadays I skip the “double D” and go to my grocery store, buy a pint of International Delights coffee flavored creamer, pour it over some ice and call it good!

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Photographs and Memories - The Perfect Gift

phoneimageFavorite photos recall fond memories and fond memories make keepsake gifts.

Our photo slate plaques make the perfect gift for either mom or dad, grandma or grandpa. Rock photo slates are great housewarming presents, birthday and holiday gifts. We have created them for class reunions, family parties, celebration of life tributes and pet memorials.

 We showcase your favorite photo, digital image or slide by transferring it to a handcrafted, slate rock plaque to create a uniquely elegant gift. Our slates come with a stylish wooden stand to easily display on a bookcase or table.

slatecoupleOrdering a photo slate has never been easier.

From the novelty section in our shop select the style of photo slate you desire. We have square, rectangle and half oval shapes. At checkout you will be asked the name of your image so that we can match it with your order. We will send you confirmation of your order and image before processing it.

If your picture is in digital format select Upload Image from the Support/Features section on the front page of our web site.

boysframeClick on the upload button at the top of the page and then browse your computer to select the image that you want printed on the slate.

Click on Submit to send your image to us.

Once we receive your image we will begin the process of sublimating it and then transferring to a beautiful piece of slate in the shape that you have selected during the ordering process.

If you have problems uploading your image please use the contact us form so that we can assist you.

boys3If your image is not in digital format, for example if it is a slide or a photograph, contact us here so that we can give you a physical address and instructions on how to mail your files to us.

Typical turnaround time for photo slate plaques is 3 – 5 days. During holidays production time may take longer. Please plan accordingly when placing your order.

If you have any questions before, during or after the ordering process just contact us using the online form or call our toll free number.

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Oh Yes.... We Want To Support Local Businesses......Uhm Sure

CruiseRow blog1I had a recent encounter with a local business in my area. They host a cruise night every week where they invite anyone with a “classic car” to bring it to their parking lot and showcase it. The business they are in is part ice cream parlor, part seafood grill with a “country store” attached.

I approached them about setting up a canopy in their lot to sell “cruise night” mementos such as muscle car t-shirts, license plate frames, classic car coasters and other vintage auto paraphernalia at this specific event night.

The owner called me and explained to me how my 10’ by 10’ canopy in their parking lot on the “Friday Night Cruise Night” would directly impact their 1500+ square foot country store. Apparently, I would be infringing on the items that they sell on those nights and it would be detrimental to the sales in the store on those nights.

Now I have been in the “country store” many times and I have never seen anything equivalent to “cruise night” mementos but OK I understand their right to be threatened by my little canopy tent.

The owner went on to tell me in her voicemail that she wholeheartedly supported small businesses especially local businesses. I was invited to meet with her buyer in her corporate HQ to discuss selling my “wares” in her store. However, I was not given any direct contact information for said “buyer”.

Now you may think I am just being bitter but in all honesty, I am being sardonic. I had to laugh at how she continued to express her support for “small local businesses” but she did not take the time to understand how different what she sells and what I create are unique and uncommon..

 2033784 origMy products are customized for the individual buyer.  For example: They send me a photo of them and their Camaro or Mustang and make it into a coaster, t-shirt , clock, wall hanging or whatever they desire.

I sell dash plaques that instruct visitors not to jump on the running boards or sit in the cars.

I sell personalized license plate frames with your info, car info, business info or any other message you might want to convey.

You walk up to my booth and ask me “hey can you make me a custom…… “ yes I can do that.

vendor canopyI am not angry with this business for being threatened by my little tent but I am shocked at their ignorance.

When I am onsite anywhere I am Tweeting, as well as, on Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram.
We are live at every event we do, no matter what the occasion is.

By working with others we increase our exposure. Supporting other businesses and finding ways to enhance each other’s social  media presence is huge in this day of technology.

My tweeting, facebook live posts, tumbler review, snapchats and Instagram posts probably would have driven more buyers to their event than they already have but they obviously do not need to work with others. I wish them luck and good Karma.

WiggleButt Out!

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Family Reunion Time - It's Not Just About The T-shirts

family-reunionIt's that time of the year again. Time for your annual family reunion.

Personalized t-shirts are the number 1 souvenir that is given out at family reunions across the country. If you don't have the time to design a fun t-shirt or the energy to figure out everyones sizes and favorite colors what about considering the alternatives? And if things get thrown together last minute, well, forget about it. Here are some suggestions on other items you can personalize to compliment the party atmosphere and pay tribute to the family.

Family-reunion-tote2Tote bags are a nice alternative to the hassle of tracking down t-shirt sizes from the attendees. Cotton totes can be packed with fun snacks, suntan lotions, bug spray, Frisbees, inflatables and other beach needs. Later they can be reused for shopping and groceries. Tote bags can be decorated with any design and are often cheaper than purchasing t-shirt.

Beverage holders/insulators are also an inexpensive alternative to family reunion shirts. These foam can coolers keep beverages cold on hot summer days which the guests will love. They are inexpensive and can easily be decorated with fun quotes, saying or even a family photo.

Is the family pet coming to the reunion? Bandannas are a cute way to incorporate your pet in the family fun.

Hats, caps and visors can be decorated for the occasion. We offer traditional baseball caps, ranger caps and sports caps. 

hatsvisorsVisors are a great alternative to the traditional baseball cap which can get a little warm in the summer sun. Visors keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes. Bucket hats are quite popular because they are lightweight and can be rolled up to fit in a bag or pocket.

Summer reunions are the best because there are so many products that can be decorated with fun family facts, quotes or sayings. Golf towels, hand towels, placemats, water bottles and flip flops are some of our exciting products.

No it certainly isn't just about t-shirts anymore. Many families combine a variety of items to create memories for all ages.

If you need help designing your family reunion swag give us a call at Wiggle Butt Design.

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Can You Say Bachelorette Party?

girlsnightBack in October, a woman called me with what she thought was an unusual request. Could I make her a series of shirts based on the Cards Against Humanity game? She was planning a bachelorette party for her best friend.

My answer, “sure”, we already do that.

After a slight pause she said, “Well, some of the saying are a little risqué, is that all right”?

whatended cardsWe are talking about Cards Against Humanity. Risque is being nice. Let’s try raunchy, nasty, filthy, sexist, perverse and just downright horrible.

You either like this game or you don’t there is no middle ground.

I assured her that we had pretty much seen it all. “I just make the shirts, I don’t pass judgement, I told her and for the record I am a proud owner of the bigger blacker box myself”.

She ordered 5 shirts. We decided that the Bride-To-Be would be the question card. For her we designed a black t-shirt with white writing. Each bridesmaid/party attendee would then wear white shirts with corresponding “answers”.

chapsTwo weeks later, I received a note from her telling me what a hit the shirts were.

As they hopped from bar to bar, people recognized the theme, bought them drinks, toasted the Bride-To-Be and even suggested other shirts for them to consider.

Here is an excerpt from the note I received from her:

OMG these shirts came out better than I imagined. My friends could not believe that I had the courage to actually ask someone to make these. I think you will be having several more orders in the future! – Heather

A few days later I had an order from someone else for a series of 7 shirts. These folks were interested in having all black shirts with the black card printed on the front and the white card on the back. Once again we said no problem. These shirts were intended for a Halloween party.

girlsteesLater on I was contacted by another group of “horrible” people who held CAH parties once a month. They wanted to have team shirts and to be able to award prizes to the best (most horrible) combinations.

I replied “hell yea” we can do that.

The moral of this story do not be afraid to ask to have it customized – no matter how horrible a person you think you are. We won’t tell your secret.

As a matter of fact we can border on the side of horrible ourselves. We found out some friends of ours were having twins. Hehe oh yes we did - we made them onsies.

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