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Wiggle Butt Buzz

A tongue in cheek look at the world with some products and tech tips thrown in for good measure.

Does It Make Your Butt Wiggle?

no label lookWe are constantly trying out new products to make life easier for us and our pets so we thought we would start sharing our findings with our followers.

With the dawn of social media, we are now inundated with ads for products on our news feeds. Our question is do these products really work or are they just hollow sponsored ads?

I don’t know about you but I feel that every time I ask Alexa a question, I end up seeing a Facebook ad for a product that is very similar to my question. Yesterday, I asked her if the Boston Red Sox were playing today and when I logged onto Facebook later, there was an ad for baseball tickets from a local ticket hub.

Granted some advertisements are for things that are connected with undisputable products such as the before mentioned tickets. It is easy enough to determine if it is a legitimate ticket agency or online store. What we are interested in are those products that are supposed to make your life easier or solve a problem. We want to answer the questions is this really the best all-natural dish liquid, does that pet nail trimmer really work or does that spray reallyeliminate dog odor?

Our goal is to test a variety of products and to let you know if it worked for us. We are not being paid to promote any of the products we try, and we welcome our followers’ opinions as well.

When our dogs find a toy that intrigues them or a treat that they love they show their excitement by wagging their tails however when you have dogs that either do not have tails or have very small tails, they wiggle their butts instead.

With that we introduce our newest blog topic – Does it make your butt wiggle?

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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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