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Do You Wear Clothes On Your Dog?

12705781 10208349036025538 8686766171538205091 nMy dog has the cutest winter coat. She absolutely hates it. I bought it for her, not so much to dress her up, but because she gets these huge snowballs stuck to her fur whenever she plays in the snow. It takes her hours to get them either licked, pulled or melted off. Not only that but they weigh her down. She is only 16 inches tall and quite often here in New England the average snowfall is 28685730 10215351755048892 9085385705230915233 na couple of feet.

Willow hates her coat so much that she finds a way to lose it every time we send her out with it on. During the last major snow storm, she left it so far away that I was sure I would have to wait until the spring thaw to retrieve it. By the way, here in Massachusetts we are still waiting for that spring thaw.

jacketsnowClothes for dogs can be practical such as keeping them dry or warm. As one of my dogs got older she really loved wearing a hoodie after she had been swimming. She loved to swim and would find any opportunity to do so. We noticed, however, that as she got older, her fur took longer to dry and she would get the shivers. She actually looked forward to us putting her sweatshirt on her.

Many people dress their dogs up to make a statement or because they think they look cute or to grab that great “Instagram” shot. If you decide that you are going to dress your dog keep a few things in mind.

  1. Clothing should not be restrictive or affect their ability to relieve themselves.bleu hoodie2
  2. Take caution that there are not items that could endanger your pet such as buttons or decorations that could become a choking hazard.
  3. Never leave clothes, scarves or even collars on an unattended dog. Many dogs have strangled themselves in their crates because a well meaning owner forgot to remove their collar.
  4. Always consider your dogs comfort and health when deciding to wear clothes on them. Dogs that stay wet under a hoodie or t-shirt may develop bacterial infections on their skin because they did not dry properly. Wearing dark or heavy shirts on a hot sunny day may cause heat stroke or dehydration.
  5. Always wear the proper size on your dog. Take measurements and remember dogs do grow sometimes larger and sometimes smaller.

dogtee12Always keep in mind the comfort and well-being of your dog. Use your best judgment. If your dog is upset or uncomfortable in clothing? Better to leave them naked. 😜

If your dog does enjoy dressing up  Wiggle Butt Design offers a line of customizable clothing for your buddy. From hoodies to t-shirts our dog clothes are soft, comfortable and adorable. You can personalize any item with your dogs name, a fun saying or artwork. You can see our products here.

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