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Do You Wear Clothes On Your Dog?

12705781 10208349036025538 8686766171538205091 nMy dog has the cutest winter coat. She absolutely hates it. I bought it for her, not so much to dress her up, but because she gets these huge snowballs stuck to her fur whenever she plays in the snow. It takes her hours to get them either licked, pulled or melted off. Not only that but they weigh her down. She is only 16 inches tall and quite often here in New England the average snowfall is 28685730 10215351755048892 9085385705230915233 na couple of feet.

Willow hates her coat so much that she finds a way to lose it every time we send her out with it on. During the last major snow storm, she left it so far away that I was sure I would have to wait until the spring thaw to retrieve it. By the way, here in Massachusetts we are still waiting for that spring thaw.

jacketsnowClothes for dogs can be practical such as keeping them dry or warm. As one of my dogs got older she really loved wearing a hoodie after she had been swimming. She loved to swim and would find any opportunity to do so. We noticed, however, that as she got older, her fur took longer to dry and she would get the shivers. She actually looked forward to us putting her sweatshirt on her.

Many people dress their dogs up to make a statement or because they think they look cute or to grab that great “Instagram” shot. If you decide that you are going to dress your dog keep a few things in mind.

  1. Clothing should not be restrictive or affect their ability to relieve themselves.bleu hoodie2
  2. Take caution that there are not items that could endanger your pet such as buttons or decorations that could become a choking hazard.
  3. Never leave clothes, scarves or even collars on an unattended dog. Many dogs have strangled themselves in their crates because a well meaning owner forgot to remove their collar.
  4. Always consider your dogs comfort and health when deciding to wear clothes on them. Dogs that stay wet under a hoodie or t-shirt may develop bacterial infections on their skin because they did not dry properly. Wearing dark or heavy shirts on a hot sunny day may cause heat stroke or dehydration.
  5. Always wear the proper size on your dog. Take measurements and remember dogs do grow sometimes larger and sometimes smaller.

dogtee12Always keep in mind the comfort and well-being of your dog. Use your best judgment. If your dog is upset or uncomfortable in clothing? Better to leave them naked. 😜

If your dog does enjoy dressing up  Wiggle Butt Design offers a line of customizable clothing for your buddy. From hoodies to t-shirts our dog clothes are soft, comfortable and adorable. You can personalize any item with your dogs name, a fun saying or artwork. You can see our products here.

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NECANN Conference - Attending Boston

cannabiz media necann boston cannabis conferenceThis weekend was the Boston NECANN convention. For those of you not familiar this is the cannabis industry’s largest convention bringing together paraphernalia vendors, health care providers and many other auxiliary industries.

Whether you are pro recreational reefer, a medical marijuana patient or part of the anti-cannabis crusade, legalization of pot is a reality.

boblobel1500Currently, 9 states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana and 15 more states are predicted to legalize it in the next year or two. Twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana.

In a quote from Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN's multiple Emmy Award-winning chief medical correspondent:
“There is now promising research into the use of marijuana that could impact tens of thousands of children and adults, including treatment for cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer's, to name a few. With regard to pain alone, marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country... Marijuana is a medicine, that should be studied and treated like any other medicine."

Eighty-five years ago, the Twenty-first Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and the 18th amendment, alcohol Prohibition was officially repealed. Prohibition was a tremendous failure. It led to huge increases in organized crime, corruption, and violence. For many of the reasons that led to its repeal, the same arguments can be made for why we need to legalize cannabis.

The night they ended ProhibitionAlthough, during Prohibition, people were legally able to consume alcohol, production, sales and transport of the product were criminal offenses.
As the Great Depression deepened in the 1930s, income tax revenues plummeted and there was a question about why we were foregoing all that tax revenue and jobs from alcohol sales and production. Sound familiar?

Money brought in by Colorado’s booming, legal marijuana industry is now being used to help homeless citizens, address mental health and end the state’s opioid epidemic, programs that previously had little or no funding.

NECANN Cover22If all states legalized and taxed marijuana, it is projected that states could collectively expect to raise between $5 billion and $20 billion per year.

A few factoids from the Tax Foundation, the nation’s leading independent tax policy research organization.

• Marijuana tax collections in Colorado and Washington have exceeded initial estimates.

• A mature marijuana industry could generate up to $28 billion in tax revenues for federal, state, and local governments, including $7 billion in federal revenue: $5.5 billion from business taxes and $1.5 billion from income and payroll taxes.

• A federal tax of $23 per pound of product, similar to the federal tax on tobacco, could generate $500 million per year. Alternatively, a 10 percent sales surtax could generate $5.3 billion per year, with higher tax rates collecting proportionately more.

No matter where your convictions lay cannabis is here to stay. 😊
Hey, I could make a t-shirt from that.
Check out or line of canna_ware here. Or contact us to design your own.

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Technology Tidbit - Free Windows 10 Upgrade Still Available

mswindows2 2040.0.0Although I am straying a little bit away from our usual blog topics I thought I would share this tidbit of information with our followers.

PC owners that are running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 could upgrade for free up until the end of July 2017 if they had an active Windows license. Even though the offer was supposed to end Microsoft extended the offer until January 16, 2018 for people using assistive technologies. To obtain the free upgrade users only had to check a box during the upgrade.

This free upgrade works just like Windows 10’s previous upgrade offer. In fact, it seems to be the exact same upgrade tool. Upgrading gives your PC a “digital license” (formerly a “digital entitlement”) that allows you to install and use Windows 10 on that PC, even after the free upgrade offer ends for new upgraders.

So why should we care now that the offer has ended? Well, here is the fascinating part. The offer hasn’t really ended.

553890 how to play dvds in windows 10As of today, 2/7/18 the upgrade tool still works and you can choose to upgrade directly or to create an iso file for later use. Also, there is no need to claim that you use assistive technologies. The folks at Microsoft have not shut down the server that houses the upgrade tool.

The entire process is completely legitimate because you have an active license for a previous Windows version.

I upgraded two older PC’s today one from Windows 7 and one from Windows 8. Both PCs transitioned seamlessly. The process is quite long and at times it seems as though your pc is stuck or just not doing anything but be patient.

The first PC I upgraded has an AMD Athlon X2 64 Processor and only 2G of RAM. Although I plan on adding additional RAM to this computer it was running faster than it was before the new OS. On this PC I chose the option to wipe the machine clean and not keep any data. You do get a choice.

The second PC was an Intel i5 core with 8G of RAM. I chose to keep the data on this one. Again, the time it takes to update was long and slow but worth it in the end.

I have no idea if Microsoft will ever shut down the upgrade server but if you have an older version of Windows and want to have Windows 10 then follow the link below to access the tool. If you think that at some point you may want to upgrade then use the tool to create an iso file to use later.

To access the tool go to this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

It is not often that you get a freebie from a software company never mind corporate giant Microsoft so take advantage while you can.

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Photographs and Memories - The Perfect Gift

phoneimageFavorite photos recall fond memories and fond memories make keepsake gifts.

Our photo slate plaques make the perfect gift for either mom or dad, grandma or grandpa. Rock photo slates are great housewarming presents, birthday and holiday gifts. We have created them for class reunions, family parties, celebration of life tributes and pet memorials.

 We showcase your favorite photo, digital image or slide by transferring it to a handcrafted, slate rock plaque to create a uniquely elegant gift. Our slates come with a stylish wooden stand to easily display on a bookcase or table.

slatecoupleOrdering a photo slate has never been easier.

From the novelty section in our shop select the style of photo slate you desire. We have square, rectangle and half oval shapes. At checkout you will be asked the name of your image so that we can match it with your order. We will send you confirmation of your order and image before processing it.

If your picture is in digital format select Upload Image from the Support/Features section on the front page of our web site.

boysframeClick on the upload button at the top of the page and then browse your computer to select the image that you want printed on the slate.

Click on Submit to send your image to us.

Once we receive your image we will begin the process of sublimating it and then transferring to a beautiful piece of slate in the shape that you have selected during the ordering process.

If you have problems uploading your image please use the contact us form so that we can assist you.

boys3If your image is not in digital format, for example if it is a slide or a photograph, contact us here so that we can give you a physical address and instructions on how to mail your files to us.

Typical turnaround time for photo slate plaques is 3 – 5 days. During holidays production time may take longer. Please plan accordingly when placing your order.

If you have any questions before, during or after the ordering process just contact us using the online form or call our toll free number.

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Oh Yes.... We Want To Support Local Businesses......Uhm Sure

CruiseRow blog1I had a recent encounter with a local business in my area. They host a cruise night every week where they invite anyone with a “classic car” to bring it to their parking lot and showcase it. The business they are in is part ice cream parlor, part seafood grill with a “country store” attached.

I approached them about setting up a canopy in their lot to sell “cruise night” mementos such as muscle car t-shirts, license plate frames, classic car coasters and other vintage auto paraphernalia at this specific event night.

The owner called me and explained to me how my 10’ by 10’ canopy in their parking lot on the “Friday Night Cruise Night” would directly impact their 1500+ square foot country store. Apparently, I would be infringing on the items that they sell on those nights and it would be detrimental to the sales in the store on those nights.

Now I have been in the “country store” many times and I have never seen anything equivalent to “cruise night” mementos but OK I understand their right to be threatened by my little canopy tent.

The owner went on to tell me in her voicemail that she wholeheartedly supported small businesses especially local businesses. I was invited to meet with her buyer in her corporate HQ to discuss selling my “wares” in her store. However, I was not given any direct contact information for said “buyer”.

Now you may think I am just being bitter but in all honesty, I am being sardonic. I had to laugh at how she continued to express her support for “small local businesses” but she did not take the time to understand how different what she sells and what I create are unique and uncommon..

 2033784 origMy products are customized for the individual buyer.  For example: They send me a photo of them and their Camaro or Mustang and make it into a coaster, t-shirt , clock, wall hanging or whatever they desire.

I sell dash plaques that instruct visitors not to jump on the running boards or sit in the cars.

I sell personalized license plate frames with your info, car info, business info or any other message you might want to convey.

You walk up to my booth and ask me “hey can you make me a custom…… “ yes I can do that.

vendor canopyI am not angry with this business for being threatened by my little tent but I am shocked at their ignorance.

When I am onsite anywhere I am Tweeting, as well as, on Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram.
We are live at every event we do, no matter what the occasion is.

By working with others we increase our exposure. Supporting other businesses and finding ways to enhance each other’s social  media presence is huge in this day of technology.

My tweeting, facebook live posts, tumbler review, snapchats and Instagram posts probably would have driven more buyers to their event than they already have but they obviously do not need to work with others. I wish them luck and good Karma.

WiggleButt Out!

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Family Reunion Time - It's Not Just About The T-shirts

family-reunionIt's that time of the year again. Time for your annual family reunion.

Personalized t-shirts are the number 1 souvenir that is given out at family reunions across the country. If you don't have the time to design a fun t-shirt or the energy to figure out everyones sizes and favorite colors what about considering the alternatives? And if things get thrown together last minute, well, forget about it. Here are some suggestions on other items you can personalize to compliment the party atmosphere and pay tribute to the family.

Family-reunion-tote2Tote bags are a nice alternative to the hassle of tracking down t-shirt sizes from the attendees. Cotton totes can be packed with fun snacks, suntan lotions, bug spray, Frisbees, inflatables and other beach needs. Later they can be reused for shopping and groceries. Tote bags can be decorated with any design and are often cheaper than purchasing t-shirt.

Beverage holders/insulators are also an inexpensive alternative to family reunion shirts. These foam can coolers keep beverages cold on hot summer days which the guests will love. They are inexpensive and can easily be decorated with fun quotes, saying or even a family photo.

Is the family pet coming to the reunion? Bandannas are a cute way to incorporate your pet in the family fun.

Hats, caps and visors can be decorated for the occasion. We offer traditional baseball caps, ranger caps and sports caps. 

hatsvisorsVisors are a great alternative to the traditional baseball cap which can get a little warm in the summer sun. Visors keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes. Bucket hats are quite popular because they are lightweight and can be rolled up to fit in a bag or pocket.

Summer reunions are the best because there are so many products that can be decorated with fun family facts, quotes or sayings. Golf towels, hand towels, placemats, water bottles and flip flops are some of our exciting products.

No it certainly isn't just about t-shirts anymore. Many families combine a variety of items to create memories for all ages.

If you need help designing your family reunion swag give us a call at Wiggle Butt Design.

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Can You Say Bachelorette Party?

girlsnightBack in October, a woman called me with what she thought was an unusual request. Could I make her a series of shirts based on the Cards Against Humanity game? She was planning a bachelorette party for her best friend.

My answer, “sure”, we already do that.

After a slight pause she said, “Well, some of the saying are a little risqué, is that all right”?

whatended cardsWe are talking about Cards Against Humanity. Risque is being nice. Let’s try raunchy, nasty, filthy, sexist, perverse and just downright horrible.

You either like this game or you don’t there is no middle ground.

I assured her that we had pretty much seen it all. “I just make the shirts, I don’t pass judgement, I told her and for the record I am a proud owner of the bigger blacker box myself”.

She ordered 5 shirts. We decided that the Bride-To-Be would be the question card. For her we designed a black t-shirt with white writing. Each bridesmaid/party attendee would then wear white shirts with corresponding “answers”.

chapsTwo weeks later, I received a note from her telling me what a hit the shirts were.

As they hopped from bar to bar, people recognized the theme, bought them drinks, toasted the Bride-To-Be and even suggested other shirts for them to consider.

Here is an excerpt from the note I received from her:

OMG these shirts came out better than I imagined. My friends could not believe that I had the courage to actually ask someone to make these. I think you will be having several more orders in the future! – Heather

A few days later I had an order from someone else for a series of 7 shirts. These folks were interested in having all black shirts with the black card printed on the front and the white card on the back. Once again we said no problem. These shirts were intended for a Halloween party.

girlsteesLater on I was contacted by another group of “horrible” people who held CAH parties once a month. They wanted to have team shirts and to be able to award prizes to the best (most horrible) combinations.

I replied “hell yea” we can do that.

The moral of this story do not be afraid to ask to have it customized – no matter how horrible a person you think you are. We won’t tell your secret.

As a matter of fact we can border on the side of horrible ourselves. We found out some friends of ours were having twins. Hehe oh yes we did - we made them onsies.

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My Favorite Travel Insights and Tips

britaA while back I read the book The Accidental Tourist, a novel in which the main character doles out, somewhat eccentric but helpful traveling tips. It got me thinking about what I do and do not carry when I travel.

So here is a list of my favorite travel tips. I am sure that you must have some great ones as well so please feel free to share.

When traveling by plane instead of carrying your laptop or check on bag bungee cord it to your wheelie bag while you traverse the airport.

In your toiletry bag carry some first aid essentials such as Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, ibuprofen, band aids. tweezers and nail clippers are also important accessories.

Carry an unused, unopened saline nasal spray. Saline can be useful in many emergency situations. Including keeping a wound moist, washing out a cut or flushing something in your eye.

Always pack a hat. Hats are great for bad hair days, inclement weather and to shield your face from sun.

Spend a few dollars and purchase a Brita Bottle Water Filtration System Sports Bottle. They cost about $9 but will save you from spending big bucks on bottled water in your hotel room. No one likes hotel tap water but the Brita will filter out that horrid taste and is good for 300 uses.

lime-power-bank-chargerBuy yourself a power bank phone/device charger. For about $12 you can get a small charger that fits easily in your carry-on bag. Charging stations and outlets are few and far between in airports and this little device can keep you powered up for your entire trip. There is nothing more frustrating than a dead cell phone.

Call your credit card company and your bank (debit card) before you leave and put a travel alert on your card. Many banks will decline a purchase if they have not been alerted that you are traveling out of state. If traveling out of the country, jot down their international customer service number and keep it handy.

Packing dryer sheets in your suitcase amongst your clothes will help reduce static cling and keep your clothes smelling fresh.

gogo-pillowAt the very least your carry-on bag should contain your toothbrush, something to sleep in, a travel pack of tissues and any medications that you need. If you cannot fathom why you would need tissues then you have not traveled internationally very often.

Wear sunscreen anytime you are outside no matter what the weather or temperature is.

A GoGo Pillow can be a godsend on a long flight or train ride. They are small enough to put in your carry-on luggage. The pillow provides good neck support and also converts into a stand for your ipad or tablet for hands free watching of a movie or show.

boseearIf you are on a long flight I highly recommend a set of noise cancelling headphones or earbuds. Bose makes excellent ones albeit a tad pricey. There are some other companies that make some good ones too.

Always bring hand sanitizer to sanitize your hotel phone, remotes and light switches. Other items that usually do not get wiped down by cleaning staff are menus, guest books and door knobs.

These are my essential tips. I would love to hear some of yours.

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Not Just for Refrigerators Anymore

memo123One of our favorite products to make is the dry erase message board.
For decades message boards have been a standard fixture on the fridge or a college students dorm door. Parents love using them to relay quick notes or reminders to their kids or to themselves. In the dorm we always used them to communicate comings and goings, missed phone calls, dorm meetings and campus parties.

Over the years they have become an ingenious way for businesses to market their products and services. A dry erase board with a logo and phone number kept your marketing message in the customer’s face.

Many boards continued to hang on fridges and walls long after their pens had run dry and the ability to wipe them clean had been exhausted. Mainly, because companies had come up with creative clichés or humorous images that people did not want to part with. Sort of like those old calendars that no one ever wants to throw out because the pictures are so pretty.

scrabbletilesplanner2All this love for the dry erase message board got us thinking – what else do people do with them or use them for.

To find the answer we turned to our favorite DIY place Pintrest.

There are truly some unique uses for the everlasting dry erase board.

One of our favorite new uses for the board was to frame it using antique or unusual photo frames. With the glass removed the board was easy to hang on a wall.

We noticed some folks on Pintrest took this idea even further by decorating the frame with unlikely or unusual items. Our favorite pictured here is the use of scrabble tiles to spell out names or messages.

Other fun frames that we came across included using Monopoly pieces, coins, buttons and miniature doll house items.

Many ”reframed” message boards then became wedding favors, party gifts, bed and breakfast carte du jours, household menus and more.

The one idea that really intrigued me is the use of dry erase boards as travel games for kids. Whoever thought of this is a genius. You create a board game it could be anything such as car bingo, a maze, trivia or tic tac toe. There is no limit to the fun you can create.

We invite you to share your dry erase message board ideas with us on our Pintrest page and as always let us know if we can help you with any of your promotional needs.

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Do You Remember Your High School Days?

academy2 600My high school was a 100+ year old mansion converted into a school that bordered on the Brighton – Newton MA Line. The line actually split the school so that if you were in French class and your buddy was in math class you were in 2 different towns.

Perhaps it was the intimacy of the small space, or the fact that everyone knew each other’s parents, siblings, cousins or neighbors from the parish? Maybe it was the allure of the mansion itself? Somehow we all seem to still be intrinsically drawn to the memory of those days and the mansion on the hill.

The school was complete in many ways with a full science lab on the top floor, a home economics room with cooking stations in the basement and a typing classroom in what was formerly the mansion’s billiards room.

We were taught French in the music conservatory and English class was conducted in a redesigned bedroom where at least two of the former inhabitants were born.

Most graduating classes had between 25 and 32 girls. In more recent years some of our teachers were former graduates with a nun or two thrown in for good measure.

Not all of us girls were bosom buddies or even traveled in the same “circles”. As teenagers we had different “clicks” and attachments.

Sure, there were resentments. When I first went on to college I regretted that I had not been part of a bigger academic program. I found myself lost in the huge lecture halls and auditoriums. I resented that there were no athletic opportunities at my previous “Pressy”. We were not taught sports, teamanship or any form of athleticism. That being said, if you ask any of my current friends they would assure you that no amount of Phys Ed would have turned me into a “jock”.

The interesting part of this sentimental tale, is that I have moved across state many times and out of state once and in each new town, I have run into at least one “Pressy” girl.

We were small but I guess we get around. Smile


On August 4, 1988 the Allston Brighton Journal published an article about the school and the sad sentiments felt about it's closing. The article
was written by an alumnist Catherine Donahue Hanley and is available to read by clicking  here: Our Lady of the Presentation Article. * You will need Adobe Reader to view the article. The article was retrieved from a private collection and copyright is retained by the author and the Allston Brighton Journal. 

If you are interested in more information about the history of the school and it's current status please read our follow up blog coming soon.

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The Necessity of SWAG

Promotional-productsIt is not just the cool tech companies that are benefitting from Swag (company-branded merchandise that is given away as a form of advertising also called giveaways) heck they even give out Swag bags at the Oscars.

Years ago the top promotional items were pens, coffee mugs, stress balls and letter openers. In today’s market it is jump drives, power chargers and ear buds to name a few.

But does Swag really help to get your business noticed? If you are not a tech company should you really invest in giveaway items?

Ever hear of give and you shall receive? A market research firm recently conducted a study that found that 52% of people that were give a promotional item did end up doing business with that company and the remaining 48% said they would be more likely to do business with that company because they had received “a gift” from them.

At tradeshows, if you are the booth with the “cool items” you are definitely going to get more attention. Even if your giveaway isn’t as trendy as a solar cell phone charger or a mini Bluetooth speaker Swag is a necessary branding opportunity for your business. You want to be remembered and you want to be remembered in a positive way.

The concept that something is too good to throw away makes your Swag item an invaluable tool for continuous promotion of you company or product. Would you really throw away a jump drive or trash that pocket flash light? Most people have a hard time throwing something out that is still useful even if it isn’t useful to them. Swag tends to get re-gifted and when it does your business benefits. Now you have not only reached one person but two.

Ok you are not likely to share that tube of lip balm but certain swag items live on forever.

deskdrawerI dare you to open the top drawer in your desk and count how many promo items are in there and better yet how many of those companies do you still remember? How many do you still do business with or would if you needed their services?

How can you use promotional items to increase your business?

First and foremost do not give away a promotional item because it is the one thing you can afford to buy in bulk. Just because you can afford to buy 1000 pens with your logo on them doesn’t mean that people are going to hang on to them. Although pens are still one of the most popular give away items consider this. If you picked up a pen somewhere and it was really cheap and did not write well or stopped writing then you would trash it. You would also associate the quality of that pen with the business that gave it away.

Choose items that relate to the business that you are in. If you are a music store and you give away free guitar picks or drum sticks your promotional budget has not been wasted. Even if the recipient doesn’t play the guitar or drums they will more than likely pass it on to someone who does. Your one promo item has now influenced two or more people.
If your items can’t relate back to your business then choose items that you know people would want to keep. About 30 years ago I picked up an eyeglass repair kit at an electronics fair. I still have it to this day because it is still useful to me. The company that gave it away is no longer in business but their Swag lives on.

eyglasskitThink about why at the Oscars for example they give away bags that contain over $125,000 in swag including skincare products, candy, spa gift certificates and trips. It is not because the recipients can’t afford these luxury items it is because they can and by getting their attention these companies will also get their business at least once.

What information should be on your promotional items?

socksAt the very least your items should have your logo or business name and some way to contact you. If your website is your showcase, then that should be prominent on the swag. If you have the space  tell your audience (the people who receive your giveaways are your audience) a bit about your business. You can use a great tag line or list a few of your most popular services or products.

What is one of our most requested swag items right now? Believe it or not…. socks.
They are useful and they are a blank canvas that can be “painted” to highlight the nuances of your company, business or product.

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Welcome to Wiggle Butt Buzz, the blog for our company.

We hope that our articles will be interesting and informative. We plan to share information about our products, services and interesting industry news.

Our goal is to have guest bloggers occaisionally so if you have something interesting to share contact us about writing a blog or even linking to your own.

We hope that you will comment on and share our blog as well.


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